Learn About Mushroom Cultivation

How to Cultivate Spores, Mushrooms, and More Using Unicorn Bags

Unicorn Bags has spent the last several decades building relationships with individual growers, mycologists, small businesses, and global companies that specialize in industrial mushroom cultivation, all of whom bring a unique and important perspective to fungi cultivation.

The cultivation resources we’ve gathered below come from these important relationships, as well as everything we’ve learned on our way to becoming a global presence in the mushroom industry by developing premium grow bags.

Get key information on how to properly cultivate specific fungi species with Unicorn Bags, which are available now in our online store.

Educational Resources on Mushroom Cultivation

Click on a fungi species below, which include agaricus, oyster, and shiitake mushrooms, to get comprehensive information on the following topics:

  • Species characteristics
  • Environmental and nutritional needs
  • How to cultivate this mushroom’s spores
  • Techniques for cultivation
  • Suggestions for selecting the right grow bags

You can also visit our FAQ for information on Unicorn Bag’s raw materials and patented filters, two aspects of our products that distinguish them in the global mushroom market.

Our FAQ also offers information on our most popular bag types, as well as information on the benefits and uses of mushrooms.

When you’re ready to buy bags, our online store provides a wide variety of mushroom bags and accessories that provide the proper environment for the fungi you want to cultivate.

How You Know You’ve Purchased a Premium Mushroom Cultivation Grow Bag

Whether you’re just learning about how to cultivate mushroom spores or you’re an industrial mushroom cultivation expert, selecting our bags can ensure your business’ continued success with fungi growth.

You want your fungi to grow in optimal conditions. Unicorn Bags creates a dependable, ideal environment that encourages maximum mushroom growth.

Unicorn Bags mushroom bags deliver:

Shop Unicorn Bags’ Mushroom Cultivation Bags and More

Unicorn Bags’ online store is ready to ship your bags and other growing products. Unicorn Bags ensures our products meet your specific requirements, whether you’re a hobbyist, researcher, grow-kit business, substrate producer, or in the industrial mushroom cultivation business. 

When you choose Unicorn Bags for mushroom cultivation you get:

  • Optimized growing environments for a variety of mushrooms and fungi
  • High-yield mushroom growth
  • A fast, effective manufacturing, shipping, and delivery process
  • Excellent, consistent customer service 
  • Support from our learning resources whenever you need it