Unicorn Bags Continues to Transform the Mushroom Industry

How Early Research Into Ideal Conditions for Mushroom Spores Led to Global Recognition

In 1990, Unicorn Bags developed innovative mushroom grow bags when farmers of specialty mushrooms in the U.S. needed efficient and affordable filtered bags to meet the increasing demand for mushrooms.

Through early experiments and manufacturing, Unicorn Bags devised a solution that was not only cost-effective and efficient, but also highly effective for maximum mushroom yield.

Today, having produced over 1 billion bags for the mushroom industry, we continue to serve hobbyist and individual growers, while solving the global demand from businesses who sell mushroom substrate and mushroom spores, as well as large industrial agricultural companies and those who use our products for bioinsecticide cultivation.

Our bags empower future breakthroughs in medicine, biocontrol, and the many other industries now discovering the extraordinary benefits of fungi.

Our Mission

We remain steadfast in our mission to supply the mushroom industry with low-cost, high-quality bags – just as we did when we began our business

Unicorn Bags is committed to ensuring that our distributors, businesses, and individual mushroom, mushroom spores, and mushroom substrate growers continue to benefit from our attention to premium mushroom cultivation bags.

Consistency and excellence will also inform Unicorn Bags’ future, as our bags empower key breakthroughs in medicine, biocontrol, and the many other industries now discovering the extraordinary benefits of fungi.

Patents and Trademarks for Growing Mushrooms, Substrate, and Mushroom Spores

Unicorn Bags has earned patents for our superior mushroom grow bags and more. We often reflect on our early trial-and-error research with pride, knowing that our ingenuity and sheer curiosity led to our global manufacturing presence today, to benefit everyone from individual growers to industrial businesses.

Buy Unicorn Bags to Grow Mushrooms, Mushroom Spores, Mushroom Substrate, and More

Mushrooms are having a moment – and we know demand will continue well into the future. As the demand for mushrooms continues to grow, we are honored to be the company of choice for individual growers and businesses across the globe.

Join us on our journey by choosing our low-cost, durable, effective mushroom grow bags. Ensure your own “mushroom moment” includes an abundance of nearly any fungi you want to cultivate.

To learn more about cultivation techniques, visit our educational resources, or you can visit our online store now to buy mushroom bags.