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With more than 35 years in the mushroom-growing industry, we love to share our experience and resources. Unicorn Bags is committed to serving hobbyists, new entrepreneurs, researchers, industrial growers, and all other stakeholders in the mushroom market.

As more and more individuals and businesses discover the versatile appeal of mushrooms, we want to ensure that they have the knowledge they need to continue discovering new ways to use mushroom bags, alongside those who continue to refine time-tested techniques and approaches.

Read on to discover a comprehensive list of resources to strengthen your understanding of mushroom cultivation and more, whether you’re just beginning to explore the many types of mushrooms or you’re a seasoned mycologist looking to learn something new.

Key Information on Mushroom Cultivation Bags, Growing Specific Mushroom Types, and More

Below, we’ve compiled information on our signature bags, facts on how to grow popular types of mushrooms, and a comparison of growing methods. These resources are an easy way to get started when learning how to grow mushrooms.

Bags and Filters Available from Unicorn Bags

The following bag types have remained popular among our customers, as these bags have consistently produced high volumes of popular mushroom types.

Side-Gusseted Bags

Side-gusseted “stand-up” bags are sturdy after filling and provide a strong bottom seal. Manufactured with equipment we designed with proprietary additives, these Unicorn Bags are pliable at any temperature, as well as after sterilization. The bag opening is designed for easy sealing, and the bag’s bottom seal can withstand agitation.

Pillow-Style Bags
These bags are the top choice of many mushroom spawn producers for fast and reliable production of quality spawn. Pillow-style bags can be manufactured using any of many filters we produce.
We have nine different HEPA filters for your bags. Custom filter sizes, filter numbers, ‘cut-outs’ or pinhole types, and various filter positions are available to suit your needs.

The Most Effective Unicorn Mushroom Cultivation Bags for Certain Mushroom Types

Below we’ve listed popular mushroom types and your options for Unicorn Bags products that are effective for these species’ growth. This resource is useful for those who are just beginning to learn how to grow mushrooms.

Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Use the breathable Unicorn Bag with the Unicorn .5 micron filter type A.
  • Enable higher CO2 in the bag for optimum shiitake growth
    • Type A filtered bags are 45% efficient at gas transfer and spawn production
  • The type 14A bag is most preferred by growers.
Oyster Mushrooms
  • The best practice is to use a Hardwood sawdust-based substrate in autoclaved polypropylene bags.
  • Use a high gas-exchange filter, such as the Unicorn 5 micron filter type B.
  • Growers worldwide prefer Unicorn Bags’ polypropylene bags for the production of biocontrol agents to protect against insects.

The Downsides of Certain Alternatives to Mushroom Cultivation Bags

Growing with Natural Logs
While logs recreate some of the environmental conditions that mushroom spawn experience in the wild, too many uncontrollable environmental factors, including unexpected weather, can prevent growers from producing a high volume of mushrooms. This process, while rewarding, is not likely suitable for commercial growers.
Bottle Growth
Bottle growth can be exceptionally expensive for growers of any size, requiring a significant investment into materials. In addition, certain popular mushroom species do not grow well in bottles.

Learn More About How to Grow Mushrooms with Our Cultivation Resources and FAQs

For a comprehensive guide on using mushroom cultivation bags to grow various types of mushrooms, visit our cultivation information. There, you’ll discover specific literature on everything from biological characteristics to cultivation techniques for individual mushrooms, including culinary and medicinal species.
Do you want to know what makes Unicorn Bags the industry leader for breathable grow bags? Visit our frequently asked questions resource to gain more insight into Unicorn Bags and the mushroom industry.

Links for More Information on How to Grow Mushrooms, Types of Mushrooms, and More

The following resources have been selected to appeal to anyone curious about the mushroom market and mushroom cultivation bags, including further educational materials, recipes, recommendations, and much more.

These resources are not affiliated with Unicorn Bags. However, like many businesses, these educational resources were designed by those who use Unicorn Bags for optimal fungi growth.

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