Grow Mushrooms at Home or For Your Small Business

Our Bags Offer the Perfect Conditions for Mushroom-Growing Success

Whether you grow mushrooms as a hobby, you produce bagged substrate for your customers, or you cultivate premium mushrooms for the restaurant industry, you want to ensure high- volume growth that is cost effective and free of contaminants.

Unicorn Bags has your solution. We provide superior, low-cost bags for the global mushroom-growing industry. Our focus on quality, innovation, and thorough customer service has made us the only U.S. FDA-approved bag manufacturer for agricultural use.

We Design Our Bags with Individuals and Small-Scale Mushroom Growers in Mind

As U.S. demand increased for shiitake, oyster, and other mushrooms in the 1990s, we began experimenting with the perfect conditions for fungi growth. Unicorn Bags was born, and we quickly became an international presence.

Since then, we haven’t strayed from our precise, simple designs that make it easy for anyone to experience mushroom growth at the greatest volume.

We serve many types of customers including:

Why Choose Unicorn Bags for Growing Mushrooms?

Although we now supply grow bags globally for many different industries, we have never wavered from our mission to ensure all mushroom growers succeed.

High Yield

Our bags provide prime conditions for higher mushroom volume.


We offer a variety of filter technologies to create an exceptionally favorable environment for fungi growth.

Quality & Safety

We only offer superior-quality, strong, durable plastic for contaminant-free growing.


We offer reliable, thorough customer service to ensure your needs are met.

Fast Production

Our manufacturing facility operates in high gear to get dependable, high-quality bags in your hands, no matter where you are.


Our educational resources offer suggestions on how to grow mushrooms at home, resources for further reading, and much more.

If you’re ready to shop for our bags, visit the Unicorn Bags store. We also offer educational resources for new mushroom growers, including information to support those who want to learn how to grow mushrooms at home.

Why Home Mushroom Growers and Small Businesses Matter to Unicorn Bags

Although we’ve now shipped over 1 billion Unicorn Bags to those learning how to grow mushrooms at home, we started as a small business, and we still maintain the values of a company that knows its roots.

Unicorn Bags ensures that we’re focused on the success of the individual grower, small businesses, and startups. Why? Because that’s often where innovation happens. Breakthroughs begin with you, and we want to support you with our bags.

Shop Our Bags and Grow Mushrooms for Home or Business Use

Unicorn Bags exists to manufacture the best quality bags, offer excellent service, and ensure you have a solution for learning how to grow mushrooms at home or for any business model that requires mushroom grow bags.

Visit our online store to shop our entire inventory of supplies for your application.

You can also access our educational resources:

  • Get bag-type suggestions.
  • Discover resources for further reading.
  • Learn from fellow mushroom growers.

Have questions for a Unicorn Bags customer service team member? Contact us online, or call us at (469) 298-3558.