Dictyophora indusiata

A Brief Introduction to Long net stinkhorn

Long net stinkhorn (Dictyophora indusiata) is cultivated achieves quick result, high yield and high quality depends on the strain, the raw and processed materials and the management method. On condition that Long net stinkhorn cultivation adopts the same spawn, the different raw and processed materials and different management method, its yield and quality is difference. According to our institute cultivation practice and experience in recent years, there have eight keys to successful cultivation.

1.correct choosing the chief strain Long net stinkhorn strain is miscellaneous and the code name is confusion. Correct choosing the chief strain is important in cultivation. D-guyou No.1 is the chief strain. It has this characteristics: wide adaptability, strong antimutagen, high button density, high yield high and big form and long skirt. And the product quality is suit to the request of export. It is 60 days after spawning that Dictyophora indusiata fruit body is collected. The yield is 250-350 grams each square meter that year. The production is valued at RMB20-30 yuans. D-guyou No.1 is the ideal strain in China.

2. suitable raw and processed materials and formula The raw and processed materials are very extensive for cultivation. It contains bamboo, Neyrandia reynandiana, Cotton seek bull, Jute straw, wheat straw, sawdust, bagasse, wood branches, wood slice, crop stalk, and so on. It may be simplex or complex and is dry. The bamboo must be chopped up and the segment is 5-6 cm long. The whole bamboo must be broken. Then 50 kg bamboo is dipped into calcareous water that contains 150-200 gm lime and lasts 2-3 days. At last it must be flushed again and again until the pH is fewer than 7. it benefits to the growth of hypha.

Medium formula: (1) wood slice 60%, bamboo, branches and leaves 30%, Neyrandia reynandiana l0%; (2) bamboo 50%, wood branches 30%, stalk or Neyrandia reynandiana 20%; (3) bamboo branches and leaves 30%, Jute straw 25%, wood slice 30%, bagasse or corn core 15%.

Moisture content is 65-70%.

3. Appropriate sorting field The fields may be indoors, woodland, farmland and the field before or after building. Open country field must be faced the south and well draining. The ideal field is the well draining farmland, titled ground , and humus ground. First digging a channel to drainage, clearing the grass and the head of straw, digging the ground to dry by the sun. when cultivating, dusting pesticide 1605 to prevention and cure ant and insert pest, then making the ridge. There must have a shed to cover the whole field, like outdoor Lentinula edodes bag cultivation. The sunshine is scatter, and the average sunshine rate is 40%.

4. Suitable composting and spawning The spawning season: from February to April at low elevation region and from March to May at high mountain region in spring or room September to November in autumn. The spawning method: bed composting,(Thickness is 5 cm) spawning composting(Thickness is 10 cm) spawn composting,(Thickness is 5 cm) casing soil (Thickness is 2-3 cm)

Each square meter filling in the 25 Kg dry raw and processes materials 25 Kg , and using 5 bottles spawn. After spawning and composting , covering with film to keep temperature and humidity. Also be spreading with the whole broken bamboos, composting with the wood slice mixture etc.. Then composting. It is forming two layers of substrates and one layer of spawn. Casing soil and covering with film. Spawning 5 bottles. Sow seeds the heap compost to cover the good thin film, heat preservation the keep wet. Can also spread the bed whole bamboo that crushed soak the empress to the top, again heap is into the wood slice the etc. Mix with the compost, then sow a the layer spawns, and continue heap a layer compost, formation two layers of composts with 1 layer of spawn, covered thin film.

5. The scientific management From spawning to fruiting, the management must comply with three stages management rules:

  1. Spawn running phases: covering film well, atmospheric ventilating 50 min every day. Don’t sprinkling in 25-30 days. If the surface is dryness, sprinkling to wet. The temperature is from 23°C to 28°C. When the temperature is over 30°C, unclosing the film and atmospheric ventilating;
  2. Button phases: it is 30 days after spawning that the hypha runs over the surface of ridge. And the hypha formed the rhizomorph and its tip formed button. Spraying ridge during this period at fine day. The relative humidity keep from 80% to 85% and the temperature keep from 22°C to 30°C that is the most suitable.
  3. Fruiting phases: it is 60 days after spawning that the fruit body is formed. Increasing sprinkling ,the relative humidity keep from 90% to 94% and the temperature keep from 20°C to 35°Cthat is suitable. That fruiting from 22°C to 30°C is the most ideal. Fruiting period: About 60 days entity formation, enhance to spray the water, and keep the degree of humidity 90-94%, temperature 29-35°C all adapt to, then 22°C-30°C best.

6. Collection and process in good time The elongation phase is from 8 to 12 am. Collecting in good time, or the veil should be autolysised. Drying in the sun in time after collecting that day. Drying by stove oven at cloudy. The ideal method is dehydration. The dried food has moisture absorption and must be packed by two-layer bag. Putting the discolored colloidal silica to absorb the water that prevents discoloration.

7. Spawn medium formula

  1. Sawdust 25 Kg, cotton seed nut 12.5 Kg (or bamboo power), wheat bran 12.5 Kg, gypsum powder 1.3 Kg, sugar 1 Kg, monopotassium phosphate 100 g;
  2. Sawdust 35 Kg, wheat bran 15 Kg, gypsum powder 1.3 Kg, sugar 1 Kg, monopotassium phosphate 100 g. Moisture content is 55%.

Above raw and processed material can be filled in about 300 bottles of spawn.

8. Prevention and cure diseases and insect pests Disinfections is the most important in cultivation that used the unprocessed raw materials. Preventing the ant by scattering pesticide, for example 1605, 666, and so on. Killed the earthworm by spraying the water, which contains theine. Spraying doesn’t excessive in spawn running phase or the medium should be decomposed. Controlling atmospheric ventilating to prevent fruit body deformed.

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