pleurotus citrinipileatus

Pleurotus citrinipileatus

A Brief Introduction to Citrine Pleurotus

Citrine pleurotus (Pleurotus citrinipileatus), Chinese called Yuhuanmo, the substrate, biological characteristic and technique of cultivation summarize below:

1. Characteristic of citrine pleurotus

Fruit body is cluster or single, pileus likes filler, diameter is 3-12 cm, color is grass-yellow or golden, flesh is velvet, pill is white, dense, no branch, stick to stipe, flesh of fruit body is white, fragrance of fungus, good taste; length of stipe is 2-10 cm, width is 0.5-1.6 cm, color is white or light yellow, bottoms of stipes are joined. The spores are column, five-color, 7.5-9.5 µm x 2-4 µm. Spore print is color.

Citrine pleurotus has delicious taste, rich of protein, amino acid and vitamin etc., one of delicious edible fungi; it has good graces for its golden color and colorful appearance.

2. Biological characteristic

2.1 Temperature

Mycelium of citrine pleurotus can suit the temperature of 5-30°C,the temperature of growing of mycelium is 10-26°C, the temperature of growing of fruit body is 16-26°C, best is 22°C,belongs to middle-high type, fruiting need no stimulate of temperature.

2.2 Humidity

The humidity of substrate is 60%-65%. The relative humidity of space where fruit body forms is 90%-95%,it of fruit body grows is 85%-90%.

2.3 Illumination

Illumination is not need to growing of mycelium. The mycelium will grow faster in dark. The form and growth of fruit body need scatter light, 150-600 Lux, growing of fruit body has photokinesis

2.4 Gas

Citrine pleurotus is aerobic mushroom, in the term of mycelium grow, CO2 will accelerate the growth of mycelium. With the growth of mycelium, concentration of CO2 in bags will rise and accelerate the growth of mycelium. The form of anlage needs enough CO2 to let mushroom button grow in gear.

2.5 pH value

pH value of term of growth is 4-8, best is 6.5, below 4 or up to 8 , it will be difficult to fruit, the best pH value of fruiting is 6.0-6.5.

2.6 Nutrition

Citrine pleurotus is good to degrade cellulose and lignin, cultivation of it need abundant Carbon and Nitrogen in substrate, special of nitrogen, if it has abundant nitrogen, mycelium will grow strong, white and fast, out of fruit body is high.

3. Technique of cultivation

3.1 Growing season.

The best temperature of fruiting of Citrine pleurotus is 222°C, it takes 50-60 days from making bags and inoculation to fruiting, cultivations in the eastern Fujian in winter, making bags are arranged in February or March, fruiting will be happen in April or May; In fall, making bags are arranged in August or September, fruiting will be happen in September or October.

3.2 Peparation of spawn

Mother cultures use medium of PDA,mycelium will grow full of tubes incubated in 25% for 10-13 days,mother spawns use sawdust-bran as medium, or cotton seed nut add bran, also use wheat. Commonly, mother spawns and spawns will grow full of bottles in 25%, incubated for 30-35 days.

3.3 Formula of mother spawns and spawns

A: wheat 67%, sawdust 30%, calcium carbonate 3%, humidity 50%-55%.

B: sawdust 78%, bran 20%, gypsum 1%, sugar1%, humidity 55%.

C: cotton seed nut 78%, bran 20%, gypsum 1%, sugar1%, humidity 60%

3.4 Substrate of compost

A:corn core 78%, corn powder 20%, gypsum 1%, calcium superphosphate 1%, humidity 60%-65%,pH6.0-6.5.

B:cotton seed nut 47%, sawdust 30%, bran 18%, sugar 1%, calcium carbonate 1% humidity 60%-65%, pH6.0-6.5.

3.5 Making bags and inoculation

The method of making bags is the same as Oyster and bear head, chooses polyethylene or polypropylene bags of 17 cm X 35 cm X 0.005 cm to make bags. Mixture of substrate, sterilization and inoculation are routine.

3.6 Location of cultivation

The room or mushroom farm of clean and good aeration can be chosen to cultivate citrine pleurotus, the shelves are facing south.

3.7 Spawn running

After inoculated the bags incubated in the room of 23-252°C and humidity is 70%,rooms are kept dark and clean, not often aeration,the temperature of inner bags in 25-272°C is best. After 30-35days, mycelium will grow full of bags, clawing mycelium, the bags are turned to fruiting room.

3.8 Fruiting

Untie the mouth of bags or pull out the cotton plugs, put the bags upright on the shelves. Cover the paper to keep the humidity and warm so as to form mushroom button. The temperature of rooms are kept 18-22°C,the humidity is 90%-100%,enhance illumination and aeration. After 5-6 days, when the fruit bodies happen in order, the humidity must be kept in 85-90%, after 12-15 days, the fruit bodies can be harvest. 3.9 Process Citrine pleurotus can be fresh sold or dried to store for sale. When pileus of fruit bodies like filler and spores has not eject yet, it is best time to harvest with high out and good quality. Stop watering one day before harvesting, in order to reduce the dissociate water of fruit bodies, good to prolong the shelf life of mushroom and raise the quality of mushroom baked. After the first flash, it is to clean the surface of bags, discard the contaminated bags, and adjust the temperature, humidity, aeration and beam of mushroom farm. After 10-15 days, the second flush will happen. After the first flush has harvest, the bags turn light in evidence, water and nutrition liquid must be added into the bags in time, so as to enhance the production and quality of the second and the third flashes.

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