Auricularia auricula

A Brief Introduction to Judas’ Ear

Chinese called Heimuer, is a rare kind of special local product and traditional expert product. The farmers for its low cost of production warmly receive it and it works effectively, such as bag cultivation. Commonly the cost of per bag is 0.25-0.65 Yuan. It can produce dry fruit body 50 gm. According to the price: 50 Yuan per Kg, the net profit of per bag is 2 Yuan, per mu (1/6 acre) will gain 24 thousands Yuan. A year has two planting seasons, so can earn 48 thousands Yuan per year.

A. The conditions that Judas’ Ear needs for growth and development


The temperature of about 20-25°C is suitable for spawn running and fruiting.


The air humidity of 50%-60% is suitable for spawn running. But fruiting needs over 80%. The humidity of compost must be on the high side, about 65%. Hands can roughly examine it. Hold the compost taut, when water drops appear from chinks of fingers and do not drop, it is OK.

3. Airs

Span running and fruiting need ample oxygen and little carbon dioxide.

4. Illuminations

Span running does not need light. Fruiting period needs scattered light (can read books). Earlier stage of fruiting period needs forceful rays to stimulate fruiting.

5. The value of pH

The value of pH for hyphas growing is about 6-6.5, the value of pH of compost must reach about 9. It will fall to 6-6.5 after sterilization.

B. Selecting raw material of compost

Choose new rice straw, sawdust of broadleaf tree, corncob, and fresh cottonseed bran as raw material of compost. Supplementary material of compost is: wheat bran, rice bran, plasters stone and quick lime etc.

C. Formulas most in use

1. sawdust 78% , rice bran 20%, sugar 1%, plaster stone 1% dry compose :water˜1:1.2~1.3

2. sawdust of broadleaf tree 78%, wheat bran 15%, soya flour 2% quick lime 0.3%, plaster stone 0.2%

3. sawdust 56.5%, corncob 30%, wheat bran 16%, bean cake 2%, quick lime 0.5%, plasters stone 0.5%

D. Making compost and filling bags

Making compost must grasp the main points as follows: firstly, it must be evenly mixed. Secondly, moisture content must be well controlled. Thirdly, the value of pH must be just right. Fourthly, the contamination must be stopped. The bag for planting Auricularia auricula is polypropylene plastic bag and its standard is 17 X 33cm. Per bag is filled 500 g dry compost. The high of bag after filling is 16-17 cm.

E. Sterilization

The purpose of sterilization is to stop contamination. The bags in pressure cooker must not arrange too close and air leak should be prevented.

F. Inoculation

The size of inoculation room is according to the amount of inoculation. Commonly per 5-6 m2 can hold 10 thousand bags. A cooling room can be equipped in well-of condition. The bags can be inoculated when their temperature falls to about 30°C. The inoculation room should be disinfected 1-2 days before inoculation. The tools of inoculation must be cleaned and lighted with 75% alcohol. The hands of attending personnel should be washed with soap and cleaned with 75% alcohol. Put 4-5 grains of spawn in bag and press it with hands to let the spawn and compost contact fully. Stuff cotton plungers are put into the bag in the end.

G. culturing mycelium

The cultivation bed should have been prepared about 10 days before inoculation. Choose a place for cultivation that is a high, well ventilated and easy to drain off water. The bed is 1.5 m wide. There is a way for work between beds. Dry the beds in the sun a few days, then spread 1-2 cm river sand upon the surface of the bed. Spread a coat of quick lime upon the sand. Arrange the bags one by one. Cover with curtain type cover-hay. The main task 20 days before spawn running is shading and keeping air humidity, keep the temperature at 20-25°C. Hyphas will reach 1/3 length of the bag 20 days later. Look to ventilation at this moment. Check the bags whether have communicated competitor or not. If yellow, red, green or blue etc spots appear in the bags, that tells us the bags have communicated by competitor. Inject the affected part if it is not serious with formalin, move the bags to another room and culture them alone. Deeply bury the bags that have been seriously communicated by competitor or burn them to avoid polluting circumstance. The hyphas will reach the bottom of bags after about 50 days. Yellow or black water drops will appear on the surface of compost.

H. The administration of fruiting period

Put the surface of the bed in order again. Take away the bags and sprinkle plenty of water on the surface of the bed. If find insects, sprinkle insecticide once. Cut the mouth of bag along the lower part of collapsible when water has seeped into the bed. Then convert it upon the surface of the bed and there must be interspaced between bags. Cut a tear every 5-6 interval to induce fruiting. Commonly a bag can be cut three lines from top to bottom, 10-12 tear each line. The shape of each tear is like “v”. The shape of the three lines is like the Chinese character “?”. Each tear is about 1.5 cm Square. The purpose of cutting tears is to increase illumination and stimulate fruiting.

The humidity must be above 80%. Cover the bags with a straw curtain. If the humidity is not high enough, sprinkle some water on the curtain with sprayer and cover the straw curtain with a sheet of plastic film. The fruit body will grow about ten days later.

I. Picking fruit body

Pick the fruit body, as it is 80% ripe. Stop sprinkling seven days after picking. Culture the bags in dark and promote the continuous growth of fruit body. Commonly three crops would be harvested. There are more 20 days between flashes. The output of first crop occupies 50% of total output.

Dry the fruit body by airing, drying in the shade would be best. Don’t dry in the sun. Then the fruit body after drying can go on the market.

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