Stropharia rugoso-annulata

Cultivation of wine-cap stropharia Wine-cap stropharia (Stropharia rugoso-annulata), also called wine-red stropharia, verdigris agaric, Chinese name is Daqiugaigu, it is the one of ten-top trade-mushrooms in the world mushroom market, also one of the mushrooms commended to be cultivated in developing countries by FAO Main parameters of cultivation of Wine-cap stropharia are introduced below: Basic […]

Pholiota nameko

A Brief Introduction to Nameko Nameko (Pholiota nameko) is also called Huagu, Guanmaosan and Huazimo in China. It produces cluster mushroom with small cap and large quantity. The cap is puce with early shape of hemisphere, when grows up its center sink and look flat. The cap has a smooth surface with mucilage and without […]

Oudemansiella radicata

A Brief Introduction to Rooting Shank Rooting shank (Oudemansiella radicata), also named changgenoudeman, changgenjinqian, lushuijicong, and tea plant fungus, belongs to Oudemansiella, Tricholomataceae, agaric order, Hymenomycetes, Basidiomycete subphylum, Fungi phylum. It is the familiar soil-growth wood rotting fungus in the north temperate zone. The mushroom that is slender, tender and delicious is abundant in multi-nutrition components […]

Lentinula edodes

Cultivation of Shiitake on Synthetic logs Lentinula edodes Strain selection Sources of Spawn in North America Fungi perfectiPaul StametsP.O. box 7634-MGNOlympia, WA 98507, USAVoice: 1-800-780-9126; 360-426-9292Fax: Field and Forest ProductsJoe KrawczkN3296 KozuzekPeshtigo, WI 54157, USAVoice: 1-800-792-6220; 715-582-4997Fax: Mushroom PeopleFrank MichaelBox 220Summertown, TN 38483, USAVoice: 1-800-386-4496Fax: Western BiologicalsBill ChalmersP.O. Box 283Aldergroove, BC VOXIAO […]

Hypsizygus marmoreus

I. Introduction Hypsizygus marmoreus is also called Zhengjigu, jade mushroom (Yuxun), spot jade mushroom (Banyuxun) in China, belonging to Hypsizygus, Tricholomataceae, Agaricales, hymenomycetidae, Basidiomycetes. Its taste is more fresh than that of Pleurotus ostreatus, context is more thick than that of Pholiota nameko, character is more pliable than that of Lentinula edodes, and it even has unique fragrance of […]

Grifola frondosa

Brief Introduction of Hen of Woods (Maitake) 1. Brief Introduction of Hen of Woods Hen of Woods (Griflola frondosa) also names Huishuhua in China. It is a kind of rare medical and edible fungus. Hen of woods grow around chestnut trees in summer and autumn. It belongs to Grifola, Polyporaceae, Aphyllophorales, Holobasidiomycetidae, Heterobasidiomycetes, Basidiomycotina. 2. […]

Dictyophora indusiata

A Brief Introduction to Long net stinkhorn Long net stinkhorn (Dictyophora indusiata) is cultivated achieves quick result, high yield and high quality depends on the strain, the raw and processed materials and the management method. On condition that Long net stinkhorn cultivation adopts the same spawn, the different raw and processed materials and different management […]

Cordyceps militaris

A Brief Introduction to Troopin Cordyceps Troopin cordyceps (Cordyceps militaries ) is also called north Chinese caterpillar fungus, north awe to in China. It belongs to Corcyceps, Clavicipitales, Pyrenomycetes, Ascomycotina, Troopin cordyceps and awe to that is widely known in China are both Corcyceps, because it’s a typical breed in Cordyceps, its widely received by the scholars […]

Clitocybe maxima

Cultivation of Giant clitocybe Giant clitocybe (Clitocybe maxima) again is well known as Big Cup mushroom (Dabeixun), Pig Stomach mushroom (Zhudugu) or Big Cup Umbrella (Dabeisan) in China. Its fruit body is coming out as a stick, and then differentiated into cap and stem step by step, so it is also called bamboo shoot mushroom. […]

Auricularia auricula

A Brief Introduction to Judas’ Ear Chinese called Heimuer, is a rare kind of special local product and traditional expert product. The farmers for its low cost of production warmly receive it and it works effectively, such as bag cultivation. Commonly the cost of per bag is 0.25-0.65 Yuan. It can produce dry fruit body […]