Mushroom Cultivation
4th Edition


With this 4th edition of his book, Peter Oei not only updates the information from the third edition, but adds a great deal of new information, including information on the latest high-tech approaches to Agaricus production.

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The 500 page, 4th Edition of Mushroom Cultivation, subtitled Appropriate Technology for Mushroom Growers, expands on earlier editions that were aimed more at growers in developing countries.  The book now includes many more details.  Here is a listing of the chapters:

    1. Benefits of Mushrooms
    2. General Biological Information on Mushrooms
    3. Substrate Characteristics
    4. Technical Data of Mushroom Species – An Overview
    5. Spawn, breeding and Conservation of Strains in General
    6. Environmental Care and Certification Schemes
      a. Circular Economy and Mushroom Cultivation
      b. Combining Greenhouses and Mushroom Cultivation
    7. Feasibility: Cost and Returns
    8. Mushroom Markets and Marketing
    9. Organisation: Extension and Research
    10. Practical Aspects of Spawn Production
      a. Liquid Spawn
    11. Climate Control in General
      a. Understanding the Mollier Diagram
    12. Simple Mushroom Farms
    13. Advanced Mushroom Farms and Tunnels
    14. Modern Climate Controlled Installations
      a. Innovations in Energy Saving and sustainable Energy Production
    15. Cultivation on Fermented Substrates in General
    16. Casing Soil
    17. The Indoor Composting Process for Agaricus Cultivation
    18. Agaricus Cultivation: From Spawn Run to Harvest
    19. Climate Control in General
      a. Supplementation in Agaricus Cultivation
    20. Mechanisation in Agaricus Production
    21. Cultivation on Pasteurized Substrates
    22. Cultivation on Sterilized Substrates
    23. Lentinula edodes (Shiitake) Cultivation on Sterilized Substratees
    24. Cultivation on Wood Logs
    25. The Collection and ‘Cultivation’ of Ectomycorrhizal Mushrooms
    26. Post-harvest Handling
    27. Pests and Diseases
    28. Biological Control of Pests and Diseases

In addition the book includes several Appendices:
A. Safe Use of Pesticides
B. Conservation of Strains and Culture Collections
C. Spore Allergies
D. Maintenance hart
E. Termitomyces: A Common Genus in Africa and South-East Asia
F. Suppliers
G. Chemical Analysis for Mushroom Cultivation
G1. Quality Control of Compost with NIR
H.  Annotated Bibliography
I. Management and Motivation
J. Glossary

and an Index.

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4th Edition”

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