Unicorn Scissor Bag Clamp

Unicorn Scissor Bag Clamp


The new UNICORNBAG SCISSOR CLAMP hermetically seals the opening of a mushroom grow bag or a spawn bag and eliminates the need for a sealing machine and all its problems. These clamps are reusable with a no hassle simple design. This allows your bags to be easily reusable, autoclavable, simple to use, allow easy spawning after autoclaving and cooling. Allows easy verification of internal CO2 content of bag without cutting and resealing, Allowing things you always wanted to do that you could not do when the bags are heat sealed.

 UNICORNBAG SCISSOR CLAMPS are available on our online store. Each clamp requires a bolt and nut that are not included.  You can find these at your local hardware store.  Use size 8 (5/32″), 10 (3/16″), or 12 (7/32″) bolts that are 5/8″ long with nuts to match.

The following video will show you exactly how they work.  

— Customer Service, Unicorn Bags LLC

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    1. I am shockex this company does not answer questions from customers here. What poor service. Why even allow people to post if they don’t intend on answering questions. Very very sad

  1. What is new about these? Do they require a hose? Do they come in different sizes?

    Recently I have had a problem with impulse sealers not sealing the bag and being too weak! Is there anything I should look for when buying an impulse I have many broken ones and a few new ones that don’t work for me!

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