A graphic representation of a worker carrying boxes in a warehouse.

Shipping Your Order

Generally, we do not keep bags in stock. Instead we manufacture to your order.

From receipt of your order, to shipping, we estimate about 4-5 working days. You can add the number of days for ground shipping to your location, say 4 working days to get a good estimate of when to expect your bags. Please plan your order accordingly.

However, if after you place an order we receive an email or a phone call stating that you need to have bags by a particular date, we’ll try our best to get the bags to you ASAP.

You can also ask us to ship 900 bags by ground and 100 bags by air or “second day” and in that case for a small additional cost you will have bags to use in a shorter time. We do our best to service all our customers.

— Customer Service, Unicorn Bags LLC