Agaricus blazei

I. Characteristics of Agaricus blazei Agaricus blazei is also named Jisongrong, Xiaosonggu, Brazil mushroom and ABM mushroom in China, belonging to Agaricus genus, Agaricus family, Agaricus order, hymenomycetous class and basidiomycetes subphylum. It is originally produced in Brazil and Peru. In 1965, Japanese Brazilian gave the spore culture to Japan as a gift, and the culture was […]

Agaricus bitorquis

A Brief Introduction to Spring Agaric The fresh mushroom in high temperature seasons provides light and tasty high-grade vegetables for people. And it gives mushroom farmers considerable economic benefits. But three things should be well done for high output of spring agaric (Agaricus bitorquis), Chinese called Dafeigu. They are choosing improved breeds, fermenting, and preventing […]