Cancelling an order: You may cancel your order within 3 days with a service charge of $20. We cannot cancel your order after 3 days.

Changing an order: You may change your order within 3 days with a service charge of $10.  We cannot change your order after 3 days.

Ordering over 5,000 bags? Stop now! The prices listed in our store are for small quantities. In special cases, we may consider a discount on orders of over 5,000 bags and we may be able to reduce your shipping charges. Please print this page then contact us BEFORE you place your order.

Shipping Selection:  If you choose ‘FedEx Ground’ as your shipping choice and your address is residential, your order will be shipped via UPS because FedEx will not ship ‘FedEx Ground’ to residential addresses.  If you want FedEx delivery to a residential address, choose ‘FedEx Home Delivery.’

International Shipping is expensive! Contact our distributors in Canada (Ontario and BC), Europe (Netherlands, Spain, Germany and UK), China or Mexico for lower shipping costs.

If our shipping price calculator will not provide a cost for shipping, please call us to place your order : 1-469-298-3558.  If you would like a quote for shipping prior to your order, please email a list of items you would like to order along with your FULL shipping address to

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Managing your Cart

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Next, understand  that unless we know your shipping address, there will be no shipping costs displayed. We’ll get your address on the ‘Checkout’ page or from your account if you are logged in.  Those costs will show up on the checkout page.

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