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As we have grown in our business, others have grown with us. Here we would like to recognize Paul Stamets and his company, Fungi Perfecti.  Paul is an internationally recognized expert in all things related to fungi and a passionate advocate for the world of fungi.  Fungi Perfecti produces a wide variety of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms and mushroom products and retails products for mushroom growers.

In 1984 Stamets bought a farm on Skookum Inlet northwest of Seattle, Washington.  There he started  Fungi Perfecti, growing mushrooms and producing a variety of products including his MycoMedicinal line of food supplements.  Since 1990 he has been using Unicorn Bags in his farm and  retailing them through his online store and print catalog.


Some Fungi Perfecti Highlights


Congratulations to Paul Stamets and Fungi Perfecti

Your continued efforts in successful innovation is a model for Unicorn. We are very proud of you for your ingenuity in bringing new products and ideas to fruition through your  great work.

Thank you,

Lou Hsu