About 15 years ago, we devised a method to receive used bags and transform them into usable polypropylene scrap. It involved a receiving station which would receive used bags from our customers and make recycled resin pellets from the bags. It failed because we could not find an affordable size reduction machine and we lost $60,000 dollars. However, I just saw a new type of grinder that would push scrap bags into blades and forces the size reducing process. I ordered one of these crushers at about $12,000 dollars. If this machine works without attending personnel, I’ll try to revive the project.

I’ll share 50/50 for the delivery cost to a recycling station installed in several locations around the country. Any and all profits from the operation will be redistributed to offset transportation cost to those who shipped bags. This would be a non-profit operation, solely dedicated to recycling UNICORN BAGS. Each lb of such recycled resin can be sold for 0.15 US cents today and the finished pellets can be sold to those who make plastic wood and planks garden furniture , floating docks etc.

We were ahead of our times, and not because of not trying.