15X. XLS-B SECONDS(Lot of 1000)

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10″X5″X24″ 3.0mil PP
Filter: B 2″X3″
5 microns
Hole: L

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There are seconds as any manufacturers when some products  do not pass first quality and yet with repairing they can be used. Anything from wrinkles, small holes that can be patched, bad bottom seals, not properly sealed filter are the most common rejection for first quality. Many overseas growers buy second quality and they can spend time to check for defects and  use the seconds.

Type: Gussetted

Material: 3.0 Mil Polypropylene

Bag Size: 10″ X 5″ X 24″

Filter Type: B

Filter Size: 2″ X 3″

Filter Pore Size: 5 microns

Filter Hole: Style L
This bag is identical to Bag XLS-T except that it has a type B filter.

This side-gusseted breathable bag gives a sturdy stand-up bag after filling and a strong bottom seal. We manufacture it with equipment we designed and with proprietary additives, Unicorn Bags are pliable at any temperature as well as after sterilization. The bag opening is designed for easy sealing and the bag’s bottom seal can withstand agitation.

Bags are sold in lots of 1,000.

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Weight 76 lbs
Dimensions 26 x 12 x 18 in