In the late 1990s, mushroom growing bags were costing 35 U.S. cents per bag, so I started to develop a cheaper bag. Eventually it became our 14A. Unicorn 14A single handedly nursed the infant U.S. exotic mushroom industry. We tested our products by ourselves, first, by growing oysters. We farmed out the testing and cooperated closely with our clients and friends. Many still use our bags today. Eventually, we developed other filters more bags, injection port bags etc. Furthermore, we developed bags for commercial spawn makers.

Unicorn Bags cooperated with USDA, CSIRO of Australia, and Canadian Agricultural authorities and developed our bio-control bags. These bags are used to grow fungal agents that are used to control agriculture pests. Therefore, our bio-control bags are used to reduce and hopefully eliminate the use of chemical insecticides. We help the planet to go green. We also developed, some 15 years ago, degradable additives to help decompose our plastic bags.

Since the beginning of Unicorn Bags, we have worked closely with well known scientists and established consultants to help answer questions at no charge to our clients or potential clients. We also provide Petri dish cultures of various mushroom strains usually at no charge, unless we need to bring them from overseas. We are a mushroom bag manufacturing company, but we provide many benefits for the mushroom production industry.

Do you know there are lots of importers of artificial logs processed in China with Chinese substrate? They are being shipped in large quantities almost ready to fruit into the United States. These artificial logs are “made in China” and imported as “mushroom spawn.” After selling to USA buyers, the mushrooms grown from these logs are now sold as a “product of the USA.”  Do you know the plastic bags overwrapping these logs as they are being transported into the U.S. have holes for breathing during incubation in the ocean shipping containers? Each 40 ft container contains approximately 10,000 logs. My guess is that the U.S. will see foreign bugs and wonder where these come from.

Protect and buy real U.S.-grown mushrooms

Buy U.S.-made Unicorn Bags.

Alert Government officials about foreign made logs

United States has a history of 300 years, UNICORN Bags has more than 30.

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