Popular Bag Types

Mushroom Production Bags

Generally used for production of shiitake and other species that require steam sterilization, these bags are side gusseted:

  • 12.8 inch wide X 19 inch long. Effective filter size: 1-5/8 inch square, polypropylene.
    • Type 14, 0.5 microns
    • Type 14A 0.5 microns
    • Type 3B – can be sealed before autoclaving. 5 microns
    • Type 3T-High efficiency 0.2 microns
  • 15 inch wide X 21 inch or 25 inch long (Type XLS). Effective filter Size: 2 x 3 inch, polypropylene.
  • 9 inch wide X 18 inch long (Type 10 ).
    • filter types A, T and B. and with inj port.
  • 7 inch wide X 18 inch long (Type 4).
    • filter types A,T and B and w/wo inj port.

In additon to the above sizes, we can produce many custom sizes. Custom polypropylene bags by Unicorn can be gamma ray sterilized. Polyethylene and HDPE bags with filter are available.

BioControl Bags

These bags use polypropylene and polyethylene materials and are suitable for steam sterilization and gamma ray irradiation:

  • Lab use: 7 inch x 9inch with two 1-5/8 x 3 inch filters
  • Large scale production: 15 inch x 25 inch single/double layer with high vent B filter 3 x 15 inch in size.
  • Many custom sizes are available

Unicorn Bags are used in numerous applications that require HEPA filtered bags.

For help in identifying filter types, see our “Visual Identification of Filters” page.