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In 1995, a certain company wanted to test Unicorn Bags’ patent and legal standing by threatening us with a suit. We proved in court that Unicorn Bags were being manufactured long before the disputed date, and that we sold bags to that company for several years before the disputed date. We won, as the adversary abandoned the threat after being reminded of that fact.

Lo and behold, a second company came along in 2008 and threatened our manufacturing process and bags being manufactured by that process. The process is proprietary – developed by ourselves. When the ruling came in April 2009, we proved hands down that our bags and filter manufacturing process are unique and have been on the market long before the adversary even knew about spawn bags for mushrooms.

On the Record

Unicorn Imp & Mfg Corp makes its own bags from polypropylene resin. Therefore our bags may have a proprietary resin blend for each client and application. Unicorn Bags are strong, they withstand higher temperatures for sterilization, they are clearer and have no side seals.

Unicorn Imp & Mfg Corp makes its own filters. Unicorn filters are manufactured to have the required gas exchange rate as well as required micron sized pores for efficient spawn production and spawn run. Thus our filters prevent contamination of competing fungi while properly venting gasses. Anyone can claim “filter with high gas exchange rate.” All they need is a simple very open mesh non woven cloth over a hole. On the other hand, a high gas exchange filter with 0.1 micron HEPA filtration is a different story.

Unicorn Bags are manufactured by our own proprietary automatic machinery and we have over 20 such machines to make different bag styles.

Unicorn Imp & Mfg Corp provides unparalleled service by developing, free of charge, new bags suited for new applications.

Unicorn Imp & Mfg Corp provides unheard of services to clients who have suffered unfortunate disasters.