For best results with your spawn run, it is necessary to fully mix the spawn with the substrate after it is sealed in the bag.  Shaking the bag by hand helps, but does not fully do the job.  Some mechanical shakers can damage the bags and lead to contamination.  We have developed a double axis tumbler that safely and completely mixes the spawn with the substrate to insure a fast spawn run. This mushroom industry specific rotating tumble mixer uses custom and proprietary trademarked technologies to achieve a consistent single pass bi-directional or bi-axial mixing motion of the contents of spawn inoculated substrate bags.

Double axis mixing is achieved by first tumbling the bags end to end in a rotating drum.  After tumbling, the bags are set free to rotate in a side-to-side motion.  Finally the bags are rolled to complete mixing.  The bags can be fed into the machine manually or there is an optional automatic system.

The machine has a floor footprint of 40″ x 96″ and an overall height of 65″ or less depending upon model desired. The unit is custom configured to maximize the mixing action within a given substrate sizing parameter. Modular construction of the drum assemblies on standard heavy duty machinery bases make such custom configurations possible. Field service of the reliable drive mechanisms use common over-the-counter parts for continued productivity and easy manageability.

The following video shows the tumbler in action:

The following video shows a schematic view, so you can clearly see how the bags are tumbled through the machine:

Unicorn Mushroom Bag Tumbler