Unicorn Bags has moved to a larger, 30,000 square-foot building on 3 acres in Plano, Texas.

Our new physical address is:
Unicorn Bags
1005 N Avenue
Plano, TX 75074

Our new mailing address is:
Unicorn Bags
P.O. Box 941549
Plano, TX 75075

Telephone: 1-469-298-3558
Fax: 1-469-298-3514

Photo: Unicorn Bags, Plano, Texas

I started this business with my bare hands, a hand drill, hand saw and little else. I owe not to the government handout or loans, I owe my survival to my clients and their loyalty. To make the claim that my business is indebted to the government, I would like to receive some cash from the government, any amount at all to make my life easier, otherwise do not make the universal claim. We are Taxed Enough Already. – Lou Hsu –