Oyster mushrooms from Micro Farms of Americal

We have been working with Micro Farms America (MFA – now, American Mushroom & Spice Co) and its founder Virgil Carrington. MFA is a small micro farming business bringing locally produced farm and garden products to the Bloomington, Indiana area. He says: “MFA is part of a movement that realizes the consequence of modern farming can be as bad or worse than why that system came to exist in the first place. We don’t want to see anyone starve, and we do need to earn a living, but we also don’t want to see people eat foods that are tainted with chemical residues, or that contain altered DNA, which may cause long term harm to those very same people. MFA is part of the movement to smaller, family owned farms.”


Congratulations to Virgil from all of us at Unicorn!  We are proud to support his efforts to produce quality foods with our special clear oyster bags.  These bags have pre-punched 0.25″ holes and are designed for pasteurized substrate.  If you would prefer to use the black polyethylene version of these bags, contact us for more information.

To learn more about Virgil, MFA and the movement to smaller, family-owned farms, see the American Mushroom & Spice Co website.