A few years ago I sent some bags to Ecuador to support efforts to grow mushrooms and produce tinctures to help fight a cancer epidemic in the Amazon.  I recently received this letter from Lexie Gropper of CoRenewal, formerly known as Amazon Mycorenewal Project.  More donated Unicorn Bags are now on their way to help continue the battle for ecosystem health and human healing in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

I write to you from the Ecuadorian Amazon as I’ve continued to dedicate myself to mushroom cultivation thanks to the first bag donations from Unicorn Bags in 2014 to the Amazon Mycorenewal Project. I have been here living and cultivating ever since. We live in the Sucumbios región (a sacrifice zone to petroleum extraction with 24/7 gas flares dispersed throughout the region) where every 1 and 4 families houses a cancer patient. The cancer hospital is 12 hours away and far out of the budget of these locals being the poorest region in Ecuador (on top of that, the CEO of the cancer hospital is one of the principal shareholders of Chevron who left this mess here).

For the past 3 years our work has been dedicated to directly supporting the Reparation Committees formed by local farmers and Indigenous through the Union of Affected People Against Texaco (UDAPT)- 30,000 Indigineous and farmers in a 27+ year legal class-action lawsuit against Chevron/Texaco. The ministry has documented 20 cancer patients in the region- and collectively to date we have documented 144 individuals from skin, thryoid, breast, prostate, to stomach cancers in just the Sucumbios province. Furthermore, the local environmental activists and journalists going in to document spills and gas explosions/leaks are returning from the field with neural and nervous system issues.

Our goal is to provide them quality Amazonian medicine – in particular myco-medicinal tinctures, as you surely know are potent anti-cancer and immuno-stimulating medicines. However our BIGGEST setback is making our own bags with micro-pore tape as our filter patch. It takes us 3 hours to produce 70 bags, and are falling behind in the quanty of medicine that we want to provide to these earth stewards. If you are interested in helping us provide myco-medicinals to this region, please consider a remarkably important donation of Unicorn Bags to the Sucumbios region of Ecuador- where contamination rates are immense in tropical climates. Unicorn Bags have never failed us. We gained our confidence and work experience from your prior donations in 2014 and 2015, and would be elated for your support again.

For any quesions or further information, please write us at info@amisacho.com

Saludos de la Amazonia

Lexie Gropper