Customer Reviews

I’ve loved the bags for years – I’ve never found anything that works so wonderfully for my purposes. I also absolutely love the bag clamps – in fact, I’ve used them for all sorts of things all over the house, not just for bags, as they are useful for various household projects. I just wish there was a way to make shipping less per unit; they aren’t heavy and so shouldn’t cost as much to ship as they cost to buy, but they wouldn’t get back to me about perhaps purchasing something heavy and bulking them in with it.
Strains Ink

Fast and reliable. Great service received bags in only 2 days
Chris Deignan

Good product for the price. will buy again
Aaron Johnson

Arrived quickly and exactly as ordered, however, I never got any kind of shipping confirmation or tracking information.
Steve Boutros

Unicorn Bags = Great Company Great Bags
Unicorn Bags, Great Company to deal with Great Products.
Really Good quality bags with Superfast Delivery.
If your looking for Quality Mushroom Bags then you should and will buy your Bags from Unicorn Bags.
The best quality available to my opinion.
Curtis "Bud" Sewell

I’ve been doing business with Unicorn Bags since the early 1990s and have always received a great product. Thank you Unicorn bags!!!

I enjoy the product when it functions but I’ve had at least 10 bags i had to throw out because of issues such as filter not attached properly or visible holes. Overall great product but quality standards could be slightly improved.
Eric Cayton

Thank you!
Incredible product and so many options to choose from. As someone who believes food is medicine and is growing mushrooms to help feed others, I take great care in using the best materials for the job. The fact that your facility go as far to include stickers on batches that say, “made with love, etc” really means a lot to me and is the type of energy I want to invest in; people who genuinely care about their products and how people are using them. Thanks for being you and I will not be going to anyone else anytime soon.
Paul Grzybowski

customer since 2012
I have been buying their bags since 2012 and they have the best product on the market. I have switched to other bag suppliers briefly, but unicorn bags are the only ones available that reliably seal on cool down. I have a feeling there is a coating or additive to the plastic that other mfgs do not use.
Drake - Fiery Fungi LLC

Very good service
Thank you
Scott LaCosta

Unicorn bags
Jim McPherson

BEST BAGS hand Down

Great quality, I searched quite a bit before deciding on Unicorm bags. I’ve used them for a couple of years now with very good results.
Brent Hefley

I have been using Unicorn bags for over a year. They are an excellent product — consistent and reliable. Delivery is always prompt which helps when I am close to running out of bags and my production schedule is in danger.

The bags are good quality, I’m using about 1000 a month. My only qualm is sometimes orders take a few days longer to get here than I would hope as credit card orders don’t seem to process immediately and they don’t ship until cards process.
Matt Noble

I love your products and customer service !
Cougar Eberhardt

I was impressed by the delivery time and the high quality of the bags. These are fairly priced – I’m a sold, lifetime customer.
Leland Sutter

I really do love this bags. Nice value for the size and durability. Will buy again.
Aaron Johnson

Unicorn bags are fantastic!
Austin Wismer

Simply amazing I love the bags I use the typeT filter patches and they seal well they breathe well they’re amazin

Best commercial spawn bag company in the US! So trusted everybody and there sister carrys it.
Plethora Fungi

Nice and professional service, friendly contact with the representative, fast order fulfillment.
Piotr Hamrol

Best mushroom bags!
Incredible experience, quality is top notch next to the knowledge this company has on mycology! I would and do highly recommend!
David Luper

Mushroom production bags
We bought bags from Unicorn for mushroom production. The bags are great. They are super sturdy and can withstand heating in the sanitizing process. The prices are great and the customer service was helpful. Our order was sipped promptly and we will definitely order these bags again.
Kathy Welch

Unicorn Bags are Fantastic!. You will Not be Disappointed. These Bag’s work Everytime.
Tony Brown

Great bags
I ordered 1k 14A bags. They are awesome and easy to work with and the shipping was timely. The only reason it is not 5 stars is because there was a mix up on my order and I did not receive any shipping notices, however the issue was corrected immediately and I received my bags shortly thereafter.
Ryan Arguelles

Unicorn bags.
The bags in general do what they are supposed to do. I only use 2 types. My biggest criticism is the price of shipping and the time it takes to ship. These two factors have forced me to inquire tok other company’s recently.
Spencer J

I received some bags that broke open after sterilization, Unicorn replaced my entire order at no charge and I have not had a single bag fail since. The new bags seem to be a different material composition, they are more pliable and soft.
Val Losse

The only source for myco bags! I will recommend them 100% with no reservation.
Gary Woodruff / Bristol Mushrooms

Shipping is a rip off. Bags good feel like I had a gun pulled on me.
Marc Hook

I really appreciate the thorough communications!
Neil Mezache

Not my first go with unicornbags. In a world of let downs they have never let me down. Thank you
Joseph Frese

Great website that goes the extra mile
Great website and great people. The owner is super personable and goes above and beyond to help his customers.

Excellent Company
I recomend this company after dealing with them since 2001.
Wasfi Abumughli

Great products and friendly people who always put the customer first. I have never had a bad experience when doing business with them.
William Gordon

quality bags and service
Pete Whelihan

I count on Unicorn bags
I love Unicorn bags. They’re always reliable. It’s an integral part of the mushroom growing process that I can count on.
Bauer Nyles

Great experience, great products, fast shipping!
Brandon Buck

I have used 800 of the 3T model polypropylene Unicorn bags and counting. They have all been of excellent quality from seam to filter patch. Absolutely no flaws. A top quality product.
Brandon Davis

Unicorn bags are great. The only ones I use!
Brad Wuerstle

Awesome product! Best on the market! Customer service is top notch!
Mountain Mist Farms

Creme de la creme…
The quality of the bags are top notch and the customer service all through the process is great.
Fidelis Levi

Shipped quick. Is what it’s supposed to be and does what’s it supposed to do
Jess Wilkins

If I were a mushroom, and I moved into a unicorn bag, other mushrooms would get jealous.
This company and product are fantastic! Bags are high quality and re-useable! Will definitely use product again and again! Top notch sirs!
Shroomaster Flash

The bio-control bags are excellent they have been well designed for the purpose of mass production of spores of the entomopathogenic fungi Metarhizium and Beauveria. I have been using them in my research for over 15 years to produce batches of spores for field trials. Recently needed to buy more bags and found the customer service and contact fantastic. Highly recommended.
Diana Leemon

I’m not sure how many years I’ve been dealing with Unicornbags but it is well over 10 years… Never had a problem with them and they have been VERY helpful. I once had a shipping problem due to Fedex delivering to the wrong address (Fedex’s mistake, not theirs) and they contacted Fedex just as soon as I contacted them and Fedex was able to fix the mistake and get me my order in less than an hour 🙂
John Eldon Diment

Amazing service and product I won’t be using any other type of bags but yours . Thank you so much unicorn bags.
Guner Loughrey

Best company manufacturing mushrooms bags
Jamie Rodriguez

Working hard to make the customer happy
Ted Kresser

Excellent product and excellent customer service
Ronald Moore

Great product, American made (or should I say Texas), and decent customer service. I am using and will continue to use your products.
Kevin Fitzgerald

Very very positive experience…. I can affirm that the bags, when kept out of sunlight and extreme temps last 4 or 5 years.
Kyle Sorenson

Does what it needs to do.
High quality, sturdy plastic, filter is well attached.
James Harness

Unfortunately, the owner is very unprofessional and rude.
Enes Unal

Easy to order, fast shipping.
Donald Wojnar

Excellent Product at a very good price. Good customer service and rapid fulfillment of orders.
Cultivated Mushroom

Great product, good company, good customer service.

Great products and great folks.
Christopher Bieber (Lazy River Organics)

Excellent service and quality bags at a decent price.
Aaron Dilley