Price Changes

Our Cost of Polypropylene is Rising!!

Our Supplier Says:

Hi Lou,

Although nothing has been made official, we are facing a price increase of $.10/lb on polypropylene effective on Monday of next week. This newest increase makes the total 43 cents per pound since December of 2010. I just wanted to keep you informed of the market, as it may help you in your pricing. Please let me know as you get closer to expecting more material.

Best regards,

Jesse Corn

Account Manager
Nexeo Solutions LLC
Ph. Direct: 770-325-1657
Ph: 1 866-987-3409 ext:1657
Fax: 770-325-1731

Resin Prices

Price in December 2010: $1.02/lb.
Anticipated new price May 2011: $1.45/lb

Actual price October 2011: $1.32/lb