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Automatic Bag Filler

Automate your bag line with a stainless steel Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) machine that will take a 27 inch wide film, form it into an 8 inch diameter tube, seal the tube bottom and fill the sealed tube with 5-6 pounds of wet, mixed substrate. The result is a bag of from 18 to 20 inches long. The production rate is 8-12 bags per minute. The top of the bag remains partially open for spawning.

Unicorn Imp & Mfg. Corp. will supply 2.5 mil PP or PE film already installed with a suitable filter patch for breathing.

Installation is free. If a turn-key system is purchased, service is free for 6 months. A contract to supply filtered film is necessary.

Each bag produced on this machine costs about 8 cents U.S. The price of the machine does not include shipping from Texas. An auger for filling the machine ($8,500) is not included.

Film plus machine equals bag.

Automation for your bag line.       Bag maker.
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Schematic of bag.

L L1 L2 H W W1 W2 Film width

L, H and W are the outside dimensions of the desired bag, in millimeters. L1 defines the position of the opening in the top of the bag and L2 defines the width of the hole in the top of the bag. W1 and W2 are the seal dimensions for the top and bottom of the bag, respectively.


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