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Company History

Four species of mushrooms.

UNICORN bags were developed when farmers of specialty mushrooms in the U.S. were in need of efficient and affordable filtered bags to cultivate such mushrooms as shiitake (or Tungu, or shiangu) maitake, ganoderma, pleurotus or oyster mushrooms as well as many other mushrooms.

UNICORN Imp & Mfg Corp and its associated companies were started in 1990. Manufacturing now takes place in a facility of 30,000 sq. ft. in Plano, Texas.

Our mission is to supply bags to the mushroom industry at the lowest price and pass on savings whenever we discover a more efficient way to manufacture. As raw material costs drop with increased sales, we pass the savings to our customers. We serve the specialty mushroom industry and our prices have been on the decrease since our founding.

Unicorn Imp & Mfg. Corp. manufactures its own bags and filter membranes and developed the machines it uses for manufacturing of these breathable bags. Our mission is to furnish specialty mushroom growers, world wide, the best quality breathable bags at the lowest price.

Besides mushroom cultivation, UNICORN bags are used in other biological applications. They are used in hospitals, in the development of bio-insecticides, and for plant tissue culture.


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