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Mushroom Bags & Spawn Bags

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Growing Gourmet and Medicinal mushrooms and Mushroom Cultivation IV
Books we recommend and sell. Stamets book $40.00 plus shipping and Peter Oei book $70.00 plus shipping. Contact Us for shipping costs and to order.

Do you need clear autoclavable bags for mushroom cultivation and spawn production?

If so . . .

  • You want a breatheable bag that will not harden or have pin holes, coming out of an autoclave.
  • You want a mycobag that does not wrinkle or loose its shape when heated.
  • You want a polypropylene (PP) bag that is designed for mushroom cultivation

You want Unicorn bags!

Unicorn Mushroom and Spawn Bags

  • Our autoclaveable bags stay soft and easy to seal after heat treatment in an autoclave for six hours at 262°F(125°C).
  • Our mycobags can be any size and length, with as many filters as you want, where you need them.
  • Our breatheable bags provide gas exchange, but exclude water vapor, so your spawn does not dehydrate.
  • Our mushroom bags provide a perfect environment for fungi growth. Because we produce our own filters, gas transmission rates can be adjusted to suit your needs.
  • Our bags can be used for fungi as well as nematode production for bio-control of insects.

Customized Breatheable Bags

UNICORN provides free development to create a microvented bag for your application. We give our clients the best service and products of consistent, excellent quality with an unmatched price.

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  • Agaricus blazei
  • Agrocybe chaxingu
  • Clitocybe maxima
  • Dictophora indusiata
  • Grifola frondosa
  • Hypsizygus marmoreus
  • Lentinula edodes
  • Pleurotus eryngii

Mycological Equipment

Unicorn Bags cooperates with to distribute autoclaves, mixers, mushroom cultures and more!
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Unicorn Culture Containers

New Culture Containers!
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Double Axis Substrate Tumbler

New double axis tumbler! Learn More!



We recognize some of the successful businesses we work with and highlight their achievements.

  • Paul Stamets - Fungi Perfecti
  • Virgil Carrington - Micro Farms America

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If you want containers or lids to be installed with a breatheable HEPA filter, provide us with the containers or lids. Price depends upon quantity per run.

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